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Mattel And Fisher-Price  Inspire Imaginations And Wow Kids With Innovative Toys And Games Based On All The Ways Kids Play

Feb 14, 2008 at 12:00 AM EST
Mattel And Fisher-Price  Inspire Imaginations And Wow Kids With Innovative Toys And Games Based On All The Ways Kids Play

Unveiling The Hottest Licensed Entertainment-Themed Toys, Tech Toys And Classic Toys With A Twist At New York Toy Fair 2008

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - February 14, 2008 - Today, kicking off the 2008 American International Toy Fair in New York, Mattel, Inc. (NYSE: MAT) unveiled its exciting 2008 toy lineup of new toys and games that create magic and fun for kids based on all the ways they play.  This year, Mattel and Fisher-Price® continue to be at the forefront of the toy industry's biggest trends, delivering high-tech toys for today's digital generation of kids, brand new innovation and classic play experiences across their brands, and toys with high play value.  Additionally, 2008 marks the year of entertainment for Mattel, touting licenses for three major theatrical releases, the hottest television properties and its own popular entertainment.

"As the No. 1 toy manufacturer in the world, Mattel listens to kids and parents around the world each and every day and we know how kids play," said Neil Friedman, President, Mattel Brands.  "Technology is second nature to kids today, and we've infused technology-based features into our toys to enhance more classic play patterns such as role play, fashion-based play, nurturing play, active play, and action/stunt-based play. At the same time, we understand the developmental need and importance of classic play, and we're delivering innovation never before seen in toys to make playtime even more memorable and magical than ever."

"Mattel and Fisher-Price show exceptional strength going into 2008," said Toy Wishes contributing editor Chris Byrne, aka The Toy Guy®. "From groundbreaking applications of advanced technology in the Barbie brand and classic characters like Elmo to rich and innovative products emphasizing classic play as in the new lines from Hot Wheels, Mattel once again demonstrates its keen understanding of the most important component of any toy - a child's imagination."


Mattel and Fisher-Price® continue to deliver innovative toys for tech-savvy kids on various platforms, including safely connecting to the Internet, enriching role-play experiences, enhancing learning experiences and inspiring imaginations with realistic, life-like features and interactive fun. In 2008, Mattel continues to build on the success of its Barbie® Tech platform, highlighted by the 2007 launch of Barbie Girls™, with its namesake website named as the fastest growing virtual world ever, by introducing Barbie® iDesign™, an interactive gaming system that gives girls an all-new way to play fashion. Mattel's Hot Wheels® brand - celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2008 - also joins online, bringing boys a new way to race and compete with Hot Wheels® Turbo Driver™, an online game controller that combines what boys love most about Hot Wheels® - competition, racing and vehicle play - with die-cast cars and an online 3D gaming world.  Additionally, in 2008, Fisher-Price® introduces a new product designed especially for infants and toddlers ages 12-36 months called the Laugh & Learn™ Smart Bounce & Spin Pony™, translating the same concept as the revolutionary Smart Cycle™ for a younger child to encourage active play and learning.  Also, this year Fisher-Price® brings Elmo to life like never before.  Elmo Live elevates feature plush to a new dimension of realistic, interactive play.

New Mattel Toys that Connect to the Internet

Hot Wheels® Turbo Driver™ Controller - Hot Wheels® Turbo Driver™ allows the millions of visitors to to take their gaming experience to the next level.  Turbo Driver™ is an online game controller that unlocks an exclusive Race the World™ game, a 3D-quality racing game packed with Hot Wheels® excitement.  The game features eight cool environments, each with different terrain challenges.  Plug in a Turbo Driver™ Car-Tridge™ (each is a stylized Hot Wheels® basic car), and select a course that plays to the vehicles special strength. Boys will want to collect all eight Car-Tridge™ models (one included with controller, other seven sold separately) since each one car works best in one of the eight Race the World™ environments. Plus each Car-Tridge™ unlocks secret game content on!  For the enthusiast, the controller also works with more than 20 flash games on the Hot Wheels website.

U.B. Funkeys™ Figures - U.B. Funkeys™ keeps growing!  Master Lox has returned and now lays claim to the Funkeys' dreams.  Dream State™, the latest series from U.B. Funkeys™, features 10 new Funkeys characters allowing kids to unlock and explore two new zones - "Nightmare" and "Daydream."  Each Funkeys character unlocks a different game in the zone, and opens up new and exciting items for kids to buy and add when customizing their "cribs."  And, for the first time, U.B. Funkeys™ will introduce "Chat" Funkeys, letting players communicate with each other safely in the game, and "Multiplayer" Funkeys to let players compete against their friends. Also new for Dream State™ are Quests, where players can earn coins and items by completing specific missions.

Technology Used to Enrich Role Play, Inspire Imagination

Kid-Tough® Portable DVD Player - The new Kid-Tough® Portable DVD Player is a new addition to the incredibly successful Preschool Electronics line.   This is the first portable DVD Player that is tough enough and easy enough to withstand rugged preschool use.  With its unique "kid-tough" design, it is the only Kid-Tough® DVD player built to survive drop after drop after dropTM!  Features include a 3.2-inch color TFT screen, rechargeable batteries with two hour life and battery charger with wall power unit.  It also includes a sturdy dual-rail DVD drive, digital anti-skip buffer for the ultimate "kid-tough" viewing experience, dual grip handles, kid-friendly DVD door and DVD controls, CD playback capability, handle for portability, kick stand legs for hands free viewing, video out jack and headphone jack.  Requires four "AA" rechargeable batteries, included.

Dora Prance & Fly Pegasus™ -  Kids will be amazed by Dora's friend from Snowy Forest, Pegasus, who magically opens her beautiful wings to take flight on all-new adventures! With three mode buttons, kids can watch Pegasus magically trot and spread her wings to "fly," all accompanied by stories of wintry adventures based on the "Dora Saves the Snow Princess" TV movie that airs in November 2008.  When kids place Dora on Pegasus and insert a charm into the pouch on Pegasus' neck, they will unlock the story of Dora's Snow Princess Adventure, along with a beautiful song. Kids can also put any of the other Dora Saves the Snow Princess dolls sold separately on Pegasus to unlock even more stories!  Prance & Fly Pegasus™ comes with two barrettes and a comb for styling both Dora and Pegasus' hair.  Requires four "AA" batteries, included.

Handy Manny™ 2-in-1 Transforming Tool Truck - Now kids can step into Manny's world with Manny's Transforming Tool Truck. Manny's big red truck is equipped with four tools from the show and tons of things to fix. When one of the parts inside the engine breaks down, Manny and the tools need the child's help to fix it. But that's not all…  Manny's truck also transforms into his tool bench for two-toys-in-one! Just like in the show, kids get a phone call from different people in the neighborhood asking them to fix their broken items. When kids pick the right tool for the job, the "Fix It Right" song from the show plays as the child fixes the problem. A special Manny button offers extra help and encouraging phrases. After the child completes the correct repairs, the item will "work" again with sound effects. Bilingual phrases, sound effects and fix-it jobs keep kids entertained. If kids have trouble "fixing a job," it includes realistic blueprints that show how to make the repairs.  Requires three "AA" batteries, included.

Toys that Integrate Technology or Interactive Features to Create Learning Experiences

Laugh & Learn™ Smart Bounce & Spin Pony™ - The Laugh & Learn™ Smart Bounce & Spin Pony™ is a classic playground-themed ride that offers an animated, active way for infants to learn right in the living room.  To kick off the fun, parents simply connect the Pony to the TV via a wireless IR device and select one of three levels of play and five learning scenes.  Baby can hop in the saddle and giddy-up to enjoy bouncing up and down, spinning around and rolling the roller ball on the handle bars.  The more baby interacts, the more sound effects, sung songs and animations come to life, teaching baby letters, numbers, shapes, colors, opposites and more.  Baby can also explore all five learning scenes within each mode of play by pressing a forward button that loops through the scenes.  Plus, baby can also enjoy fun songs and sound effects right from the Pony itself when it is not connected to the TV.  Requires three "AAA" and three "C" batteries, not included.

Computer Cool SchoolTM - The Computer Cool School™ provides a fun way for preschoolers to prepare for school.  To get started, parents simply connect the Computer Cool School™ keyboard to their computer via a USB cable and kids are ready to play fun learning games!   The Computer Cool School™ includes five learning centers - Reading and Writing, Math, Science, Art and Music - plus cool "field trip" activities.  For added fun, an adorable sidekick appears on the computer screen encouraging kids to interact and rewarding kids with fun phrases and sounds.  Children can also print out a story, their artwork creations and supplemental worksheet activities from each learning center.  Mom and Dad can feel secure with password protection that prevents access to their computer's hard drive and the internet.   Additional learning CDs are also available, including Clifford, Dora and Diego, Scooby-Doo, Sponge Bob and Sesame Street.

Little Mommy™ Real Loving Baby™ Gotta Go™ Doll - Girls will love the realistic, nurturing play elements of the Real Loving Baby™ Gotta Go™ Doll, featuring a complete bathroom area where girls can help their doll reach an important milestone achievement - learning to go potty and clean up. Gotta Go™ Doll can go number 1 - and number 2 - on her very own "no water no mess" potty.  She can flush, knows to wash her hands and loves to do all the things a big girl does when she gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night. The bathroom area features a potty, a sink, a towel and everything a big girl needs to get ready and go, including a self-contained special potty that "flushes."  Unlike real babies, the entire "mess" is self contained, so there is no water setup or cleanup, only realistic sounds and sights. Available in Caucasian, African American and a Spanish speaking Hispanic version.

Interactive Toys Get Intensely Realistic and Fun

Elmo Live - Is it Live or is it Elmo Live?  In this truly life-like creation, for the first time ever, Elmo seems to actually be speaking as his mouth opens and closes just like the real Muppet, Elmo, from Sesame Street®.  His mannerisms are right on target as his head bobbles back and forth as he speaks.  He waves his arms, sits and stands, even crosses his legs all the while telling stories and jokes, singing songs and playing games.  Children can activate the magic with a tickle or a squeeze of Elmo's foot, tummy, back or nose.

D-REX™ Dinosaur - D-Rex™ is the ultimate pet for boys.  A ferocious yet loyal dinosaur with an independent personality, D-Rex™ combines robotics, proprietary software and reptilian skin to create a life-like appearance and behavior.  He walks around, chomps his jaw, bares his teeth and roars many different ways to let you know what he wants.  D-Rex™ might demand food or want to play a game, and he'll hear your voice and respond to your touch.  Like the ideal pet, D-Rex™ will protect his owner and his prize possessions.  

Spike the Ultra Dinosaur - Spike the Ultra Dinosaur brings prehistoric adventures right into the living room!  This life-like, remote controlled dinosaur is the "ultimate" must-have dinosaur for kids.  It comes to life as it walks forward, turns left or right, opens its mouth, blinks its eyes, stands up on its hind legs and even throws a boulder.  The dinosaur's neck also rotates and, when it stands up, the spikes on its back light up as if it's going to attack.  It also features cool dinosaur sound effects and motions that make this dinosaur seem like the real thing!  Includes one "9.6 volt" rechargeable battery.  Requires three "AAA" batteries, not included.

Power Wheels™ A.T. RexTM - Children's fascination with dinosaurs will never become extinct as Fisher-Price® takes them back to the future and onto the road with the new Power Wheels™ A.T. Rex™!  With just a quick pull, this Power Wheels™ transforms from an ATV into a ferocious A.T. Rex™.  Complete with glowing eyes, cool roars and sound effects, this A.T. Rex™ will shake things up!  The A.T. Rex™ delivers two child-appropriate speeds - 2.5 mph and 5 mph - and 2.5 mph in reverse.  Includes 12-volt battery and charger.

Tyco® R/C Turbo Pro Wheelie Cycle™ - The Tyco® R/C Turbo Pro Wheelie Cycle™ delivers never-before-seen action to the radio-controlled world with the first ever R/C motorcycle that does wheelies on-command!  The Tyco® R/C Turbo Pro Wheelie Cycle™ delivers real world action with an R/C cycle that performs a variety of stunts - from wheelies and jumps to rolls and spin outs - tearing up the terrain like nothing else on two wheels. This R/C also includes a unique Motion Control Transmitter designed like motorcycle handlebars and features realistic tilt-motion controls to allow you to drive it just like a real motorcycle


2008 is the year of entertainment for Mattel, boasting toy lines to support three major theatrical releases, the hottest TV properties and Mattel's own popular entertainment.  Additionally, Mattel has entertainment licenses across its entire portfolio of brands and its productive partnerships can be measured by the continued success of its Disney Pixar's CARS product line and the Scene It?® Series of DVD games.  

Hot Wheels® Speed Racer Battle Morph™ Mach 6 - Every boy will aspire to own the signature Mach 6 based on the upcoming summer film, "Speed Racer." The vehicle comes with a 5-inch scaled Speed Racer action figure and the ultimate in cool gadgetry.  Speed jumps into his car, snaps on his protective canopy and is battle ready.  The Mach 6 has signature "jump-jacks" to pop up on two wheels, then with a pull of the spoiler, the car transforms for battle with spring loaded missiles, features lights and sounds, and the "homing bird" projectile.  Once Speed conquers evil with his awesome arsenal, kids can push the spoiler back down and continue on to win the race.

Kung Fu Panda™ Kung Fu Kickin'™ Po - Kids can bring home everything they love about Po with the Kung Fu Panda™ Kung Fu Kickin'™ Po.  Po's personality, humor and cool Kung Fu moves make this the ultimate action electronic plush toy. The Kung Fu Kickin'™ Po includes round house kick moves, gadgets and more than 50 fun phrases from the film.  

Batman: The Dark Knight™ Wayne Tech™ Mega Cape™ Accessory - Boys can complete the transformation into The Dark Knight™ with the Batman™ Wayne Tech™ Mega Cape™ Accessory.  With one touch, the cape rapidly expands to a 5-inch wingspan just like The Dark Knight™.  When finished, kids can quickly retract the cape back into a convenient back harness for run-around play.  Also includes a Batman™ cowl for the ultimate Gotham City™ adventure.

Go, Diego, Go! ™ Animal Rescue Railway - The completely new and innovative flexible track system featured in the Animal Rescue Railway puts kids in control of Diego's signature animal rescue missions.  The Railway comes with a motorized Diego engine with removable Diego figure, two animal rescue cars, three animals to rescue, three rescue locations and more than six feet of track. Kids can set up rescue locations anywhere along the track, which puts them in control of the layout.  As Diego travels to the rescue locations, rescue phrases are activated and kids can stop the cars in the right spot to engage their spring-loaded rescue features to save the animals.  For an added play bonus, the Animal Rescue Railway trains and locations are compatible with the existing Diego figures for endless play possibilities. Requires four "AAA" batteries, included.

Barbie® Magic Wings Mariposa™ Doll - Based on Barbie® doll's newest DVD movie Barbie™ Mariposa™, available on February 26th, the Magic Wings Mariposa™ doll features a beautiful transformation. With the press of a button, Mariposa™ doll's butterfly wings change from pretty, purple wings to giant, sparkly pink wings. The doll also features beautiful accents including a butterfly tiara and removable skirt.


Barbie®, Polly Pocket™, Hot Wheels® and Fisher-Price® are incredibly popular brands that have played an important role in kids' lives for many generations.  The popularity of these brands not only remains true to their heritage, but also continually evolves in order to stay relevant and reflect the interests of kids.  In 2008, Mattel will continue to innovate these classic brands with new twists to make them even more engaging and exciting than ever before. Today's tech-savvy girls will be able to play "fashion designer" in a completely new way with the introduction of Barbie® iDesign™ featuring tech-based fashion play through a CD-Rom computer game, a USB-connected scanner and "swipe-able" fashion cards. Polly Pocket™ will continue to dazzle girls with an all new look and completely new play features. For boys, the new Hot Wheels® Trick Tracks offer endless amounts of action like never before with ready-made stunts that connect to create cool sets and effects for racing their Hot Wheels® vehicles.  

Fisher-Price® Friends will continue to bring children's favorite characters to life with innovative and interactive new products from the classics including Sesame Street®, Winnie-the-Pooh™, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse™, Dora the Explorer™, and Go Diego Go!™ as well as the hottest new brands, including Handy Manny™, Wonder Pets™, Little Einsteins™ and Wow Wow Wubbzy™.  Children can join Elmo and his friends in the kitchen with a new interactive Elmo's Restaurant, create magical experiences in the Dora Deluxe Designer Dollhouse, play the sleuth with My Friends Tigger and Pooh™ Super Sleuth Changing Tree™ and set out for the races with Mickey Motors Raceway.

Barbie® iDesign™ Ultimate Stylist™ CD-ROM Game - Barbie® iDesign™ delivers next generation fashion play through a CD-Rom computer game, USB-connected scanner and trading card-sized, "fashion cards." There are 200 different, collectible fashion cards, consisting of various hair styles, tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, accessories and fashion models, and each has a unique barcode that when "swiped" through the USB-connected scanner, is uploaded to the  "Design Studio" closet within the PC software.  Once fashions are scanned and loaded on the computer, girls can play fashion stylist and create more than 21 million, fashionable ensembles in the game's "Design Studio."  When the fashions are runway ready, girls are able to customize their fashion show in the game's "Fashion Runway" mode of play. For additional game play, girls can also design their own magazine cover using images from their "Runway Show" or the "Design Studio," as well as play four different fashion themed games. These innovative mix-and-match fashion cards are also transparent, allowing girls to create unique looks in real life as well.  Fashion packs (sold separately) are available in eight different themes: Rocker, School, Casual, Party, Princess, Bling, Beach and Sporty. Girls can collect them all to continue to create fresh new styles.

Hot Wheels® Trick Tracks Assortment - Get ready for the exciting world of Trick Tracks connectable stunts.  Whether racing down the Super Slide™ teeter-totter or catapulting through the Hammer & Hoop™ net, kids will experience thrill after thrill with these amazing ready-made stunts.  And best of all, they'll connect to any other Trick Tracks stunts for ongoing action-packed fun. Each set includes one vehicle. Not for use with some Hot Wheels® vehicles.

Color Me Gemz™ - Creativity…fashion…fun!  This brand new line lets girls create their very own fashion-forward jewelry with the touch of a pen!  The included marker pens are used to color specially designed facets that create the appearance of an actual translucent gem or precious stone, so girls can dazzle as they show off their Gemz™.  Girls can choose from four adorable Color Me Gemz™ sets including necklace, bracelet, belt and peel 'n stick, as well as purse and hat accessories.  

Color Me Gemz™ Jewelry Box - The Color Me Gemz™ Jewelry Box is the perfect spot for girls' jewelry masterpieces that can be decorated with Gemz™ inside and out!  The jewelry box features a beautiful main compartment with a lid, mirror and fairy/ballerina that rotates, two drawers for jewelry storage and two side compartments for additional storage of necklaces or bracelets.   The drawer pulls and jewelry box lid can even be "Gem-ified!"  

About Mattel
Mattel, Inc., (NYSE: MAT, is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of toys and family products. The Mattel family is comprised of such best-selling brands as Barbie®, the most popular fashion doll ever introduced, Hot Wheels®, Matchbox®, American Girl®, Radica:® and Tyco® R/C, as well as Fisher-Price® brands, including Little People®, Power Wheels® and a wide array of entertainment-inspired toy lines. Mattel is recognized as one of the 100 Most Trustworthy U.S. Companies by Forbes Magazine and is ranked among the 100 Best Corporate Citizens by CRO Magazine. Committed to ethical manufacturing practices, Mattel marks a 10-year milestone in 2007 for its ever-evolving Global Manufacturing Principles and focus on sustainable business practices.  With global headquarters in El Segundo, Calif., Mattel employs more than 30,000 people in 43 countries and territories and sells products in more than 150 nations. Mattel's vision is to be the world's premier toy brands -- today and tomorrow.

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Fisher-Price, Inc., a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc. (NYSE:MAT) and located in East Aurora, N.Y., is the leading brand of infant and preschool toys in the world.  The Company has a 77-year legacy of high quality toys that enhance early childhood development.  Its often-emulated Play Laboratory was the first child research center of its kind in the toy industry, allowing researchers to observe the way children play and how play benefits their development.  Some of the Company's best-known "classic" brands include Little People®, Power Wheels® and View-Master®.   Fisher-Price is also a leading developer of baby gear products (infant swings, bouncers, high chairs, nursery monitors), as well as a wide array of character-based toys inspired by high quality children's programming such as Sesame Street®, Dora the Explorer™ and Winnie the Pooh.  The Company's web site,, provides valuable information and resources to parents.

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